Seattle Slide Jam: Uganda Be Kidding me

Team riders Jackson Wells and TJ Joo put on a rad slide jam yesterday and Kiss and Tell called: Uganda Be Kidding me.

This longboard slide jam also helped benefit a great cause. All the money raised through entry fees is being donated to building a new well in Uganda. Thanks to TJ and Jackson for setting this up and providing all the longboarders with pizza and unlimited stoke. It was great to see all the different riders come out and skate and we gotta keep these type of events and longboard sessions running all winter long. 

Also, shoutout to Nate Blackburn of Omen Longboards for bringing buy some dank donuts and distributing them properly to the riders. And another shoutout to Jackson for going off a jump in a burning wheelchair. Real daredevil shit right there and that's why we love him so much.

Wheelchair ramp photo credit goes to Sam Galus because our media guy was to tired and had to go home and sleep (lame we know).

But even without sleeping the previous night our media guy Matt McDonald (you know that bearded guy with a camera) made it to the event and snapped a bunch of photos that you can see below. Enjoy the pics and if you repost any of the photos just make sure to say you snagged them from the Atlas Trucks website and for others to checkout the post. 

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