The Bellingham Path Dash returned for its third year. If you are unfamiliar with the Path Dash, it is an awesomely dorky 1 v 1downhill longboarding path race.

GNARNIA 2018 Recap - OSU Longboarding Club

Stoked to help support another year of this awesome event! Gnarnia is the Longboard Club at The Ohio State University's annual Push Race and Slide Jam. Check out the recap video to see what went down!

Longboard Freestyle Jam - Leesburg, VA

We're stoked to be supporting the upcoming Freestyle Longboard Jam in Leesburg, VA at the Evergreen Sportsplex! On October 28th riders from all over will come to show off their best flatland.

Bellingham Path Dash #2

Boardworks Tech Shop hosted the second Bellingham Path Dash, which delivered tons of fun filled head to head racing heats on a goofy technical local path.

Gnarathon 7

Gnarathon is on this weekend in Waco, TX! 7th annual downhill skateboarding race in Cameron Park!

Brian Scott Adkins 2016

A look at the highlight moments of 2016for Brian Scott Adkins. The extended road trip led to the discovery of tons of new spots and killer times!

Ben Pellet 2016 Season Edit

Ben Pellet just wrapped up this killer edit to cap off a busy 2016 skate season! Here's what he had to say about it:

RAW RUN: 16 Swiss curves with Brian Scott Adkins

Swiss roads seem to offer everything a skater could ever need - why look elsewhere? Brian Scott Adkins shreds a unique spot with 16 hairpins. Filmed: Ben Pellet Edited / Rider: Brian Scott Adkins

Blackout Bearings Review

Lachine Coxon from Australia just finished up a review on the The Flying Hellish Youtube page about our Blackout Bearings!

RAW Trucks Are Here!

We now have all there versions of our trucks available in RAW! Snag a set for your next longboarding session!

Free Venom Bushings!

We are opening up a new rad deal for the rest of the year where you can upgrade your bushings on every custom truck order on our website.