Atlas Trucks: Blackout Bearings


Cam Frazier walks you through the ins-and-outs of our Blackout Bearings in this new video featuring footage from team riders Jackson Wells, Mirko Paoloni and TJ Joo.

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About the Blackout Bearings:

Snag a set of Blackout Bearings | Click Here

Staying loyal to the innovative history of the brand, the Atlas Blackout Bearings aren’t just your average built-in bearing.

When axle nuts are tightened down the result is often compression of the interior bearing spacer. This puts stress on your bearings and introduces slop into your setup, detracting from the precision that a bearing spacer is intended to provide.

Snag a set of Blackout Bearings | Click Here

The flared spacer built into the Atlas Blackout Bearing increases the surface area of the load bearing foot between the two bearings. This provides additional support and prevents compression of the spacer giving Atlas Blackout Bearings a more precise ride, faster roll speed and a long lasting life.

Each set of Blackout Bearings also has:


TJ Joo putting our Atlas Trucks and Blackout Bearings to work in Seattle. 

Snag a set of Blackout Bearings | Click Here

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