Longboard Trucks Guides

Not sure what trucks are right for you? Confused about what is the prefect bushing setup for your ride? You have come to the right place. Welcome to the Atlas Trucks guides page. This page is intended to help answer your questions.

Truck Hanger Comparison

Atlas knows that riders have varying styles and varying needs. Your truck should be designed for the style of riding it's best suited for, not as a "one size fits all." With that in mind Atlas has designed two RKP longboard trucks to fit the needs of our riders more precisely. Between the Original Atlas and Atlas Ultralight there is a truck to fit any size rider whether they prefer cruising, carving, freestyle, freeride or downhill.

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Longboard Truck Baseplate Angles: 40 Degree vs 48 Degree

Longboard trucks are manufactured in a variety of different geometric designs. Baseplate angle is just one area where trucks may differ. The angle of your baseplate is a very important decision to make when selecting the right pair of longboard trucks for your desired use and preference. In this article we'll explain how it all works and what will work best for you.

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Bushing Guides

Bushings are urethane cushions that provide both the suspension and turning resistance for your trucks. Bushings come in a wide variety of shapes and durometers that can dramatically affect how your trucks perform. There is no right or wrong way to customize your bushings – ultimately it depends on your personal preference, weight, and style of riding. Check out our recommendations below if you are starting your journey towards the perfect set up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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