Practically Indestructible

Our Freeride Trucks can withstand the brutal forces and loads that aggressive freeriding can dish out. This truck's hanger is reinforced by a 10mm axle steel axle. The axle is CNC machined to 8mm at the hanger face providing a bearings stand off and traditional 8mm thickness so you can still use normal bearings. Barrel Barrel bushing setup provides great stability and response for almost any riding conditions!


Forged A-356 Aluminum | 48 Deg. | Grade 8 Kingpin


Precision Turned Ball Pivot for Smooth Predicatable Lean


10mm Steel Axle Milled to 8mm at the Bearing Seat, Compatible with 8mm Bearings


91a Barrel x Barrel High Rebound for Control and Stability

Freeride Trucks

The original Atlas Trucks are stable at high speeds and great for downhill.