Longboard Season Update with Jose Mojica


Team rider Jose Mojica is from Puerto Rico and recently made the trip to Maryhill. We had a chance to catch up with Jose and see how his longboard season is going. 

Juan Luis Campuzano Longboarding in Spain

The Spanish countryside and hills are truly breathtaking and combining that scenery with longboard rides is a nearly a garunteed goodtime. Atlas Trucks team rider Juan Luis Campuzano is f

Which longboard trucks are right for me?

When choosing the perfect truck for your longboard setup you really need to be able to identify style of riding you will be doing and match your trucks to that style. 

Valentines Day Slide Jam

While most people were off engaging in the commercialized trivialities of a love that can only be bought through material excess, the skaters skated. (Mostly because we couldn't get any)

Longboard fun in Portugal

Longboarding is all about fun, right?  If you said no to that quesiton you are oh so very wrong my friend. How is a penguin and a rabiit bombing hills not fun though.