Weekend longboard session with Hunter Ollom

Hunter Ollom taking a weekend cruise on the 48/10 trucks in the greater Seattle area.

Filming by Anthony Smith

Music by Allah-Las

Q&A With Hunter

Where was the longboard video filmed?

A. The video was filmed at Lukes Rash which is in Washington state.

What wheels were you riding?

A. I was riding Churchill red eyes, they were $25 at Motion, so I said why not, and they ended up being good.

Q. What trucks were you riding?

A. I was riding 40/40 Atlas Trucks with 90a boardside and 87a road with urethane cups.

What board were you riding?

A. I was riding the Omen Longboards Griffin. I've been skating it for a while been enjoying it, but might be switching it up soon.

Q. How do you like riding Atlas Trucks thus far?

A. I've been loving Atlas Trucks and they are a really fun truck to ride especially since I've started riding the 40/40 with urethane cups they are stable, leany and really turny. Super dope trucks.

Q. How has longboarding during the fall been going with all the rain?

A. Longboarding in the fall has been tuff with all the rain only 1 or 2 dry days every few weeks but makes me appreciate skating in the dry more and when I'm not skating cause the rain im watching skate videos or Joe Rogan and Terrance McKenna podcasts

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