Longboarding with Kwanza Gannon and Meaghan Rillstone

Life gets in the way of skateboarding sometimes and we have all been there. Too much school to hit the hill on your longboard, your boss just doesn't understand you need to push after to work to clear your mind or you parents just don't understand how much you need to hit that mini ramp.

Recently flow team rider Kwanza Gannon sent over a video of her and Meaghan Rillstone longboarding. It isn't the most banger video out there, but what really caught our eye is what Kwanza said.

"What inspired us to make this video is at 21-years old life had us stressed out a little bit. Between work, school and just having to grow up and start accepting responsibilities, so with that we really just wanted to show how skating kinda takes us away from that and reminds us of better times."

We could not agree more!

About This Longboard Video

Q. Where was this filmed?

A. We filmed the video in Chattahoochee, Fl.

Q. What inspired you to make this video?

A. The inspiration for the video came from the stress of life and our passion for skating.

Q. Who filmed it? Do they have a website or Youtube channel we can send them to?

A. Ryan Herring filmed it and you can check out his YouTube( Ryan Tube)

Q. What were you riding?

Kwanza's Setup:

Omen Mini Sugar 2.0

Atlas Trucks split degree(48/40)

Free Wheel Co Thoughts

Meaghan Rillstone's Setup:

Califlorida proto I believe

Paris Savants

Free Wheel Co Quincys

Q. What was your favorite part of making this video?

A. My favorite part of making the video, was getting so catch up and shred with my best friend

Q. What are your plans for 2016?

A. My plans for 2016 are really to skate more, stress less, and go to as many events as possible and to not blow it this year and make it to Maryhill.

Q. Any shoutouts?

A. Huge shout out to our filmer Ryan Herring for sure, and our sponsors Atlastrucks, Califlorida surf shop, and my newest sponsor Easy Board co.

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