Longboard truck review with le-boulon

The crew over at Le Boulon the longboarding blog did a great review about our trucks. They took our trucks for a test ride and broke down what they enjoyed about our longboard trucks. We appreciate the review and hope you can find some useful information about our product. 

Here's a couple excerpts from the review: 

"Ok let’s roll now! At push speed, the Atlas trucks looks like they could turn on a dime. You want to do carving and dancing? They have got everything you need in stock. The trucks are lively as prairie dogs, lying in wait for the next turn they could dive into. You will love the Atlas if you want a truck that reads your mind and turns the exact moment you think about it. Say thank-you to the ball pivot and the raked hanger that both give you an excellent carving feel."

"One of the most noticeable qualities of the Atlas is its precision. Amongst other cast trucks, the overall design and construction level of the Atlas is excellent. For example, they had a pretty neat idea to strengthen and add precision to wheel axles. They use a 10mm core axle in the hanger that is machined to 8mm. It works really well killing any play with the bearing. Plus, with the small exposed part of 10mm axle against the faced hanger, you even got a built-in speed ring that is so handy when swapping wheels! The other parts of the trucks are designed with the same attention to detail. The ball pivot is pretty big and smoothly polished, giving you the perfect turnability. That ball pivot is also what allows you to flip your hanger when you want that extra negative rake stability without messing up with your geometry or bushings height. Finally, we got a widened hanger hole that will never hit your kingpin even at full lean. Good to see this becoming a standard, and good to see it on the Atlas from the very start."

Checkout the full reivew at: le-boulon.com/atlas-trucks-review