Longboard Season Update with Jose Mojica


Team rider Jose Mojica is from Puerto Rico and recently made the trip to Maryhill. We had a chance to catch up with Jose and see how his longboard season is going. 

Q. Where are you from? 

A. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Q. What do you ride? (Longboard, trucks, wheels)

A. I'm riding right now a Pantheon Gaia with 40* Atlas Trucks and some Cloud Ride Wheels.

Q. What is your favorite part about longboarding?

A. My favorite part about longboarding is the speed and the adrenaline  I feel while going down the hill.

Q. What was your favorite longboard session in 2015?

A. I really don't have a favorite session because I try to enjoy them all equally but the most that I feel and say "that's the one"  would be every time I ride Coamo which is THE BEST HILL in Puerto Rico. 

40 Degree Trucks



Q. Where have you traveled to longboard in 2015?

A. In addition to all the races in Puerto rico I've only gone to Maryhill but still planning to go to more events outside of Puerto Rico.

Q. Who do you normally skateboard with?

A. I normally skateboard with Vito (my downhill sensei), Roberto Cobian and Micah Gutierrez.

Q. Who influences your skateboarding?

A. My dad influences me a lot because he has been the one that since I'm a kid has been pushing me to ride skateboards. The other ones who influenced me would be my friends, I'm always learning new stuff from them.

Q. What was your favorite part about Maryhill?

A. My first favorite part of Maryhill would be the first day I got to skake it beacause it was my first time. My second part of Maryhill would be my first heat in Open haha and the third favorite part would be that I just had tons of fun and got to meet a lot of cool skateboarders. It has been the funnest experience ever. I'm really planning to go every year. I had some tough heats but managed to pass my two first heats! In my first heat I got 1st place and then in my second heat got 3rd, so I passed to the main event on sunday! My heat on sunday has been the toughest heat ever. I was challenged by Kevin Reimer, Laine Jackart, Danky (Brazilian) a guy named Vitale, I think, and a other random kid, but it reall has been my toughest heat ever. But on the good side this race has served me very well! I feel more confident of me riding now.

Thanks for taking the time to chat and we will see you on the hill Jose!

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