Ben Pellet 2016 Season Edit

Ben Pellet just wrapped up this killer edit to cap off a busy 2016 skate season! Here's what he had to say about it:

"Here's the recap video of my season 2016! Lots of the best shots of the year came out of my time in Switzerland, but that was far from the only traveling I did. I had the chance to go to Poland to meet the guys from Alternative Longboards (big up guys!). I also made a road trip throughout all of Switzerland with my good friends Brian Scott Adkins and Lillian Barou to skate the most beautiful roads in the country. I wrapped up my travels by participating in the French championship where I finished in the quarter Final which was a SICK experience!!! It was a great season with tons of good memories.

I hope you will enjoy this edit! I'm very proud of it - it represent many things for me.

I would like to thanks my family and friends who give the opportunity to fully enjoy my summer on my board! Also my sponsors for their support and those great experiences abroad !

What Ben's Riding

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