Atlas Trucks: Steep Throat Longboard Trip

Mirko Paoloni, Simon Lechner and Sepp Sorglos teamed up with their Spanish friends Santiago Charrúa and Juan Campuzano at Tenerife. 

We can’t say where this video was filmed. The longboarders were skating and exploring all over the island and the number one rule of the trip was to have fun. The crew filmed on all the known roads around the area and sought out some new ones.

Edit: Sepp Sorglos and Mirko Paoloni. Filming: Sepp Sorglos.

Set Ups: Simon Lechner: S9 javelin Helium 180mm 45deg trucks S9 wheels Santi Charrúa: Loaded cantellated tesseract, Sabre Trucks 190mm, Cult chronicles and Divine 

Road rippers. Mirko Paoloni: Easygoing downhilla proto, Atlas trucks 48º, Cloudride wheels. Juan Campuzano: Bustin Ratmobile 2012, Atlas trucks 48º, Cloudride wheels. Follow all the journey on instagram with the hashtag #steepthroatrip.


More about our longboard trucks featured in this video:


The Atlas RKP is the new standard for reverse kingpin longboard trucks. Our forged A356 aluminum is stronger and more precise than any other truck in the category. Our precision ball pivot, 10mm-8mm axle, and threaded self-cleaning pivot cup offer a ride that is almost indistinguishable from trucks at 5x the price. Innovation at last.

The Atlas Truck Set comes ready to ride with standard 48-degree baseplates, 180mm hangers, 89a Atlas barrel bushings and each truck weighs 1.4 pounds each.

All the sponsors that made this trip possible are below!


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