Atlas Trucks: One Run, 14 Hair Pins

After months of snow and rain Mirko Paoloni finally got to skate in Austria and managed to find a road with 14 hair pin turns.

Mirko's Setup:

Atlas Truck Original - 48º 180mm RKP Trucks

Cloudride Iceez

Easygoinc Longboards Downhilla Board

Q&A With Mirko

Q. Where were you longboarding in this video?

A. The road isn’t that far from where I live in Austria.

Q. What was the road like?

A. It is a pretty long road, it’s about 6 minutes of going down, 2 straights, 14 hairpins and a pretty scary blind curve after the fastest straight.

Q. What were you riding?

A. Atlas Truck Original, Cloudride Iceez, Easygoinc Longboards Downhilla Board.

Q. What was your favorite part about the road?

A. Best part is you come out from the 2nd straight and get in to a 180 degree hairpin when you have to slide from 70-75 KM to zero.

Q. Who filmed the video?

A. Viktor Simon

Q. What was the music in the video?

Moby - Flower

Q. Anything else you would like to include?

A. The run was filmed a bit far away because Felix was hanging outside the window from the car and taking pics while I was going down

Photos by Felix Pirker

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